As your company begins to relaunch its travel program, now is the perfect time to evaluate your corporate online booking tool (OBT) to make sure you and your travelers are maximizing its features to fully aid you in travel today’s environment.

In the past year, your OBT provider may have revamped its tool to provide guidelines to support travelers in trip planning. For example, the tool may contain health, safety, and cleaning information provide by airlines, hotels and car rental agencies to protect customers. It might also include travel advisories and governmental regulations at travelers’ destinations, allowing them to them to more fully prepare before they arrive.

From a travel management perspective, now may be the time to take advantage of your OBT’s on-screen messaging capabilities. This functionality will help your travelers embrace new policy guidelines and train them on what they should and shouldn’t do when booking their trip, especially if they haven’t traveled in a while. On-screen messages can be fully customized based on what’s going on in the world and what you are trying to enforce and promote.

Get the most out of your OBT. Take a deeper dive into possible capabilities.

For a more holistic view, learn what GBT is doing to offer travelers a more personalized experience, as well as how technology is evolving to more clearly assess intent in order to better adapt to the needs you and your travelers.