Sustainability is at the top of organizations’ agendas today. In fact, according to a report from United Nations Climate Change, the number of businesses and local governments committed to reaching net-zero emissions doubled in less than a year.1

As part of our efforts to help clients realize their sustainability goals and protect global communities, American Express Global Business Travel recently became a member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) – a strategic partnership that will bring transparency and ease to the process of booking sustainable hotels.

During the initial phase of our partnership with GSTC, we will highlight hotels and other accommodation partners as “sustainable” that meet GSTC’s standards or, even better, are certified by a GSTC-accredited certification body. This information will be available to corporate buyers who are supported by our Global Business Consulting team as part of their hotel sourcing exercise. In the future, GSTC analytics will be incorporated into our booking processes to enable travelers to identify and select qualified accommodation partners.

Learn more about how our partnership with GSTC will impact your company’s sustainability initiatives.


1 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, “Commitments to Net Zero Double in Less Than a Year,” 2021.