In our latest series called, “Hear from the Experts,” leaders from across American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) share tips that companies can take to grow. While the interview series is directed at small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), it offers strategies, learnings, and executable steps that would allow teams of any size to thrive.

Leaders from various aspects of GBT’s business are featured, including:

  • Paul Abbott, CEO Takes a decades’ look back at helping businesses of varying size and discusses ways to stand apart
  • Martine Gerow, CFO Recounts her experiences managing money and shares her must-know tips for teams to grow
  • Patti Haska, CPO Reflects on her experiences with talent and shares her must-know tips for burgeoning teams
  • Evan Konwiser, EVP Offers his personal experiences with small businesses and shares his best advice for entrepreneurial teams
  • Maria Haggarty, VP Shares her personal connection to small businesses and her business tips for teams of any size

Get additional recommendations from GBT’s thought leaders on ways to grow your business and thrive in today’s evolving corporate landscape.