With travel restrictions easing in some parts of the world, some business travelers may be itching to get back on the road after months of confinement. Before stepping foot on a plane or train or spending the night at a hotel, both corporate travelers and those at the company responsible for their well-being must feel fully comfortable with the decision. And that’s where a travel intelligence briefing platform such as GBT’s Travel Vitals™ comes into play.

The dynamic web-based tool provides travel managers and travelers with pertinent information related to COVID-19 so they can assess the risks and make adequate preparations before, during, and after booking a trip. Travel managers can use the tool for planning and duty of care purposes. Travel Vitals™ has been integrated into the trip audit process to trigger alerts to managers when trips are booked to high-risk destinations, and it can also retrospectively trace past trips to areas experiencing a spike in COVID cases to provide post-trip alerts about possible exposures.

Travel Vitals™ aggregates information from hundreds of sources, including government agencies, airports, airlines, rail companies and stations, hotels, and ground transportation providers. Country and regional information is supported by Riskline, a leading travel risk intelligence provider.  As a platform, Travel Vitals™ has made a significant impact to travelers globally.

Discover how Travel Vitals can assist your corporate travel program and all your travelers.