A minimal contact rental experience for business travelers.

Avis continues to expand their use of technology to deliver a minimal contact rental experience for travelers. With Mobile Select, Avis Preferred members are invited to use the Avis app to choose the car they want before they even get to the lot. Upon landing, travelers will receive a push notification with an option to view available cars on their app. Travelers can select the vehicle of their choice and receive their space confirmation. And, with Express Exit, travelers can enjoy a minimal contact rental experience and leave the lot quickly. Once the traveler has confirmed their vehicle, they will receive a unique, scannable QR code on their phone to exit via the automated Express Exit lane. It’s the faster and more relaxed way to go from airplane to rental car. It is a whole new way to rent a car.

American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) clients who reserve an Avis rental car through their approved corporate booking tool can enroll in Avis Preferred, download the Avis app, search and locate their reservation, select their vehicle of choice, and exit via the Express Exit lane.


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