It is a worrying statistic that in October 2018, 83% of women had concerns about their safety while on a business trip. Yet, only 18% of travel buyers say their companies have policies that specifically address female travelers.

Yet of course, this is a delicate issue to navigate. Women are not the only group organizations serve, but female travelers do need to be alerted to the unique challenges they may encounter during their work journeys.

With this in mind, and to uphold duty of care requirements, businesses need to provide training resources and support for minority groups, especially if they’re traveling to high-risk destinations. But instead of singling out one group, companies should focus on providing education and training for everyone across the board, to include information on the specific issues that minority groups face.

To help start this process, we have prepared some simple yet effective safety guidelines that are aimed toward female travelers, but apply to travelers regardless of their circumstances. To further empower your employees – particularly women – on their business trips, start the process by clicking here.

Travelers can also receive travel risk management alerts if enabled by our traveler locating solution, Expert Care™.

1 Report from the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) an AIG Travel Inc (member of American International Group)