When we joined forces with HRG in 2018, we were not just welcoming new people and new clients, but also a new identity. As we became the world’s largest partner for managed travel, our responsibility increased and we began to reflect deeply on the purpose of our work and the role we play. Not only to our clients and travelers, but also to the global community.

With travel and tourism being an $8.8 trillion industry, employing one out of every ten people in the world (in every country in the world, no less), we have the opportunity to drive significant economic and societal benefits. And as we refreshed our brand and what we stand for, we saw this as an ideal opportunity to strengthen our Responsible Business program, focusing on several key issues influenced by travel activities and the work we do.

You can view the full article on the activities we have committed to here, which span:

  • Environmental leadership – reducing the environmental footprint of business travel.
  • Focused giving – our support of UNICEF and the outstanding work they do around the world.
  • Combatting human trafficking – since trafficking relies on travel networks to operate — the travel industry is in a unique position to support actions against this illicit activity.

We know that modern business travelers care about the values and practices of the companies whose services they use. With our Responsible Business program, you can rest assured that you are being serviced by an organization that invests in the long-term well-being of its people and communities.

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