Over the past few years alone, the travel industry has experienced significant digital change. With this has come elevated consumer experiences, which has resulted in increased expectations of business travel. Whether it is the overarching ‘consumerzation’ trend that is fundamentally impacting business travel, or the way our work and personal lives are becoming increasingly intertwined; preferences, needs and wants for business travel are shifting.

At American Express Global Business Travel (GBT), we’re motivated by these changes and are excited to continually search for ways to meet travelers’ ever-evolving expectations.

Recently, we published a piece on The Atlas highlighting how the current climate is impacting traveler sentiment and traveler expectations, and why TMCs need to be delivering first-class digital experiences.

We also share key enhancements we’re making to meet travelers’ needs, including the Amex GBT Mobile app and our online booking tool, Neo™, which is helping travelers to breeze through the booking process.