As Travel Managers will be all-too aware, securing policy-compliant hotel bookings can be a challenge. Between direct booking campaigns from hotels and employees embracing their own styles, it’s common for corporate travelers to go rogue.

While it may be tempting to give up completely on pushing for hotel attachments, there are plenty of tricks to persuade your travelers to book compliantly. What’s more, the effort pays off. For starters, a higher hotel compliance rate can help with your cost-savings objectives. When more travelers book through company-approved channels, it can result in a significant T&E reduction. Further, in-policy bookings are also vital for reporting and analytics (so you can continue to drive program success), and for ensuring you deliver on your critical component of duty of care responsibilities.

So, how can you begin?

Two of our clients recently demonstrated that it doesn’t require a massive overhaul to make an impact. In fact, with just a few simple changes, these clients were able to achieve hotel compliance rates of nearly 100% (a far cry from their previous 66%).

Are you ready to view their action-oriented tips to see how you might be able to make the same impact in your own organization? Click here to read more.