As companies work to sharpen control over travel spend and gain greater visibility into their travelers’ whereabouts and behaviors, more and more organizations have been adopting a pre-trip approval system to monitor and prevent non-compliant bookings.

As a result, we have seen a surge in the popularity of our pre-trip auditing tool, Expert Auditor™. Currently available in more than 20 countries and expanding globally, Expert Auditor is an effective system for influencing travelers’ behaviors and enforcing a company travel policy, which can help with cost-saving and duty of care goals.

If you’re not already aware, when a traveler makes a booking, Expert Auditor automatically audits their itinerary against your policy parameters. If the itinerary complies with all the criteria, the booking will go straight to the ticketing process. If it doesn’t fall within the parameters, the auditing process will trigger either a notification – allowing you to better understand your traveler booking behavior – or an authorization request to an approver, for greater and faster savings. Both notifications and authorizations messages can be customized.

As with all our tools, American Express Global Business Travel experts can help you to on-board Expert Auditor, and to decide which options are best suited to your program based on your objectives and company culture.

Another benefit of Expert Auditor is that it offers reporting tools to help travel departments identify program trends and roadblocks. The reports can reveal the volume and cost of non-compliant travel, the most common out-of-policy offenses, the travelers or divisions booking out of policy, the use of non-preferred suppliers and so forth. With this kind of information, companies can begin to fine-tune their policies and speak to individual travelers who regularly book out of policy about the importance of compliance.

To find out more about the options available on Expert Auditor and the on-boarding process should your company choose to implement the tool, please click here.