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Recuperamos una laptop que el CEO de una empresa de consultoría de Estados Unidos olvidó en un vuelo el viernes por la noche


After work hours on a Friday evening, a Client Solutions Manager at American Express Global Business Travel received a call from the CEO of a consulting company that had been one of our clients for less than two months. The CEO said he’d left his work laptop on the flight he took to Atlanta, but there was nothing he could do because he was already on his way home to California. His assistant had called the airline more than 10 times, but was unable to reach anyone who could help. His only option was to fly back to Atlanta – not ideal for someone who lives across the country. Frantic, he turned to American Express Global Business Travel, saying we were his last hope.

The Client Solutions Manager reached out to the GLOBAL CLIENT SERVICES support team for the client’s account. She wasn’t sure that anyone would be available at 6:30 p.m. on a Friday, and was relieved when they picked up the phone. The account representative didn’t think twice: after hearing about the CEO’s dilemma, she knew she needed to do whatever it took to recover his laptop.


The account representative began calling her local contacts in Atlanta and at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Most had already left for the weekend, but she soon found out that the airline’s lost and found would be open until 10 p.m. that night. She had only a few hours to spare, so she quickly wrote down the details she needed – the CEO’s information, and the laptop’s description and serial number – and drove 48 miles from her office to the airport.

Once the account representative arrived at the airport, the airline agent confirmed that they had his laptop, but they couldn’t hand it over without his permission. She left a voicemail for him, and waited at the airport for 40 minutes until he called back and authorized the airline to give her the laptop. The account representative took the laptop home with her and shipped it the next day for a Monday morning arrival, and she tracked the package until she saw that it had arrived on time.


Thanks to a skilled account representative with an appreciation for what it takes to make the travel experience as easy as possible, American Express Global Business Travel provided service dependability at its best for the CEO, and he was able to get back to work on Monday without a hitch.

The CEO e-mailed the American Express Global Business Travel team to express his gratitude: “It is very rare that you see this level of customer service anymore, and I must say it has left a very strong positive impression on me. So much so that I have told this story to all of our senior executives, and we are planning on using this as an example at an upcoming company event to demonstrate that level of service that we want our own employees to demonstrate. Your effort has very much strengthened our relationship – and we will not forget this effort.”