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Trabajar con un socio de viajes ofrece a una empresa de servicios financieros una atención de primera clase en 24 países, con 1,3 millones de dólares en ahorros


Helping other companies make decisions that move their businesses forward is at the heart of a New York City-based global financial services firm’s business. Providing advice and expertise to their clients means more than 10,000 professionals are on the road for face-to-face meetings with clients, adding up to an annual travel cost of $204 million.

Keeping these meetings running smoothly is business-critical, but service levels vary because the firm works with multiple travel management companies across the globe. American Express Global Business Travel had been one of the firm’s travel providers for more than 10 years, and senior management turned to us to help them consolidate their travel program across all 24 countries where they operate.


A project team of professionals from both the financial services firm and American Express Global Business Travel identified the key travel objectives for the consolidated program and how they would be met:

Objectives Solution
Consistent high-touch service across 24 countries, 24/7, from a sole provider of travel
A more mature travel programme, enabling cost reduction and savings

The team then formulated a detailed project charter, documenting a step-by-step approach for achieving these objectives and implementing the additional countries. We worked in lockstep with the firm’s travel team throughout the process, but we were ultimately responsible for keeping the implementation on track and delivering the project on time.

The firm launched their global travel program in stages, helping to enable a smooth transition to the new consolidated booking process. Select groups of travel arrangers were instructed to book via designated channels, and their results were tracked to understand savings achieved, time spent using the new process, etc. Early results from this group were positive, and were shared globally with all travel arrangers and key stakeholders, helping to gain their buy-in of the new process.

Within 18 months, the new program was up and running, and the three travel servicing hubs, staffed by a centralised team of tenured travel counsellors, were providing personalised service around the clock. And if an unexpected event impacted travel, our travel counsellors could “follow the sun” from hub to hub to help the firm’s travellers in their time of need.


The biggest win for the client was having consistent, high-touch service available across all 24 countries, with dedicated travel counsellors looking after their VIPs and supporting important road shows that help to move the firm’s business forward. In addition, we helped the client save $1.3 million in the first year alone through more efficient booking processes (including online adoption), and improved air supplier negotiations and contracts.