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Looking into 2017, meeting professionals have an optimistic view of the meetings market. Meetings of all types are expected to increase, with training and internal team meetings seeing big increases as organizations continue to expand globally. Meeting attendees and budgets will still be tightly managed to maximize effectiveness. Download our 2017 Global Meetings and Events Forecast to find out more!

2017 Global Meetings and Events Forecast

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Gain valuable insight into the world of Meetings & Events in 2017.

Learn about the predictions and industry insights that can helpinform your strategic meeting program decisions for next year and explore these three rising trends that are positively impacting meetings program productivity, efficiency and effectiveness for many organizations

The meetings industry  continues to change and evolve. In our Forecast you will gain insight into meeting trends and activity on a global and regional basis for 2017. You will learn what will likely impact the meetings industry and what it could mean for your meeting program.  We explore the implications and recommended actions for meeting owners.

We have seen some unprecedented large-scale mergers and acquisitions of Hotel Chains.Other hotel chains are contemplating the same over the next few years in order to equal the capabilities of the larger players and better compete in the market. We review recent hotel consolidation activity and its potential impact to the industry in general.

In the unpredictable environment of meetings and events, ensuring the safety and security of your attendees is critical. We explore the shifting duty of care environment and what you can do to minimize risk within your organisation.

Meetings are a people-centric business. Ensuring a strong talent pipeline for the future is important to the continued growth and success of the industry. Universities, third parties and corporations all can play a role in creating interest, fostering talent and ensuring strong incoming talent pools.  We explore the future of talent in meetings including employer expectations,  training programs, and the gaps that exist in attracting new talent.

Regional Global Trends

Hotel Consolidation

Duty of Care

Future of Talent