As travel has begun to rise with the rollout of vaccines, many companies are beginning to question how to restart their travel programs. While this depends on a series of factors, ultimately, it’s up to individual companies to decide how soon they plan on relaunching—whether later this year, later this quarter, or later this month.

The process starts by building a project plan and mapping out key milestones connected to duty of care, suppliers, budget, traveler safety, and well-being. You would then identify key stakeholders, being thoughtful to include existing relationships that you might already have with HR, legal, security, finance, and executive leadership teams, as well as any teams that helped inform any travel program decisions during the pandemic.  And the process obviously doesn’t stop there.

To help you think through the steps of each phase of your relaunch, we’ve put together a #TravelReady guide that will inform decision-making, planning, travel policy development, and measures that will positively impact your travelers as they return to travel.

Get #TravelReady with our informative guide. For advice on how travelers can return to travel safely, our pro-tips will help bring confidence to their entire trip.