In January of this year, American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) acquired Ovation Travel Group. Since the deal was made possible during the pandemic with videoconferencing solutions, members from Ovation and GBT’s executive leadership team (ELT) from the US and UK recently met in Ovation‘s new office in Manhattan. Paul Metselaar, Chairman and CEO at Ovation, shares on the successes of that meeting, the value of connecting with colleagues face-to-face, and how various teams at Ovation had to prepare in order to make attendees feel safe.

While the Ovation acquisition was made possible during the pandemic with videoconferencing solutions, Metselaar noted that, “Conducting business face-to-face is far superior to virtual meetings after seeing how thrilled everyone was to be back in the same room again.” He also later added that “The travel industry must work together to assuage clients’ concerns and fears about the travel experience and demonstrate that every possible step has been made to mitigate the risks associated with COVID-19. I believe a similar approach also should be employed as companies reopen their offices and invite employees back. If people are worried about their safety going into the workplace, it will only arouse feelings of apprehension and resentment.”

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