Our Journey to Tomorrow, Together

Guided by IHG’s purpose to provide True Hospitality for Good, the plan sets out five clear ambitions, building on long-term commitments and achievements.

These include:

  • People: Championing a diverse culture where everyone can thrive by cultivating inclusion, respect for human rights and colleague and customer well-being
  • Communities: Improving the lives of 30 million people in communities around the world by driving economic and social change through skills training and innovation and continuing to support communities when natural disasters strike
  • Carbon & energy: Reducing energy use and carbon emissions in line with climate science by implementing science-based reductions in operations and targeting 100% of new build hotels to operate at very low to zero carbon emissions
  • Waste: Pioneering the transformation to a minimal waste hospitality industry,  eliminating single use items while minimizing food waste through a “prevent, donate, divert” plan
  • Water: Conserving water and helping secure water access in those areas at greatest risk by collaborating to provide adequate water, sanitation, and hygiene conditions for the communities we operate in.

Learn more about IHG’s commitment to make a positive difference for people, communities, and the planet over the next decade, as well as abiding by its mission to provide True Hospitality for Good.

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