Introducing Business Intelligence

The first comprehensive mobility reporting tool has arrived from Avis and Budget.

Business Intelligence (BI) is an online portal with rental dashboards, rich visualizations and detailed reports that provide travel managers with insight into their program. The tool gives direct access to more data than ever before, on-demand.

The portal includes closed/open rental transactions, pending reservations, environmental sustainability, membership data, app utilizations and more. The portal offers a “Build Your Own” capability to customize a report with KPIs that are unique to business needs, such as length of rental, upcoming reservations and vehicle class reserved/driven/charged.

There is also a library of reports customizable by traveler and rental, giving a clear understanding of rental behavior. This level of insight makes it easier for travel managers to manage expenses and compliance. As a full self-service tool, customers can customize and schedule reports for delivery at their desired cadence, saving valuable time and money previously spent on manually compiling reports of this nature.

Available in five languages, reflecting 14 different currencies, BI is currently accessible to Avis and Budget corporate accounts in North America with plans to expand to EMEA later this year.