Melissa Beauchamp, Vice President & General Manager, Global Client Group, American Express Global Business Travel

Dear valued customers,

I’m so pleased to welcome you to the Atlas newsletter! This quarterly publication is one of the ways we keep in touch with you and your organization throughout the year – providing updates, insights and information, research and white papers on all that is business travel. We share resources that we hope you will find useful in the management of your travel program.

As we’re already in May, it seems the year is really flying by, and 2019 is already proving to be another game-changing year for business travel. So what’s in this edition?

While we don’t often hear executives or travel managers questioning the value of a travel program, we are well aware that questions may arise from travelers. Can they source a better deal? Can they find better options? Won’t they miss out on points? We do a deep dive into the most common traveler misconceptions about managed travel programs, and provide you with the data to dispel these myths once and for all.

Once you’ve dispelled those myths, it’s a good time to focus on your program performance. This encompasses a variety of factors – from optimizing platforms, to maximizing available travel options. One area of business travel that has changed dramatically over the past few years has been the rise of home sharing. In this edition, we explore our partnerships with and Airbnb, so your travelers may get the most out of these unique lodging experiences.

Providing great lodging is just one part of the traveler experience, and we know how important it is to keep traveler satisfaction front of mind. In fact, many companies today cite traveler satisfaction and well-being as a key factor in travel programs – but how close are we to the details of what makes our travelers tick? We pulled together a list of common traveler gripes and how you can mitigate them.

Whether it’s changes in lodging options or even the rise of artificial intelligence, as always, it seems there is never a dull moment when it comes to this dynamic industry, with a range of phenomena that impact corporate travel. To stay on top of these trends, be sure to view our article on the predictions for 2019.

Feeling somewhat overwhelmed by all this change? You’re certainly not alone. We know the demands travel managers face every day when managing their travel, and how difficult it can be to step back to assess the effectiveness of your program. To assist with this, we’ve included some simple ways you can elevate your program. From outsourcing through to consolidation, these will undoubtedly be welcome tips for travel managers.

Then when it comes to tips, in this edition we’re also sharing a white paper on the benefits that can come with merging your meetings & events program with your transient travel. It’s often an overlooked area, and one that your company might be able to benefit from.

Finally, I wanted to mention the progress we are making with the integration of American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) and HRG.

We are pleased to see how our combined efforts have evolved, bringing the best of each company’s approach to create exceptional solutions for our clients. We are focused on providing a B2C experience for travelers whose expectations are evolving, while offering enhanced travel program visibility, proprietary travel solutions and seamless third-party integrations to ease and improve the management of your program. With the combination of the best of GBT and HRG core capabilities, we remain focused on our long-term strategy of investment in technology to build a robust, future-proof travel management environment that continues to evolve and innovate.

I hope you enjoy your first edition of the Atlas newsletter, and I look forward to keeping in touch as we continue our partnership with you and your company as we move through 2019.

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