Lee Shufro, Vice President & General Manager, American Express Global Business Travel

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Welcome to the second edition of the Atlas newsletter for 2019. While the year is certainly flying by, 2019 is already proving to be another game-changing year for business travel.

In the midst of all the advancements and innovations in the industry, we know it’s critical to continue to look at the value of your program. And while we don’t often hear executives or travel managers questioning the value of managed travel, we are well aware that questions can arise from travelers. Can they source a better deal? Can they find better options? Won’t they miss out on points? We do a deep dive into the most common traveler misconceptions about managed travel programs, and provide you with the data to dispel these myths.

Whether you’re dispelling myths or simply looking to keep travelers happy, one area of business travel that has changed dramatically over the past few years – to the delight of many travelers – has been the rise of home sharing in the lodging industry. In this edition, we explore our partnerships with Airbnb and Booking.com, so your travelers may get the most out of these unique lodging experiences.

Many of these lodging options are providing opportunities to save, and if you’ve ever sat down to think about how much you could be saving across your entire travel program, you’ll know that it’s really no simple task. That’s why we’ve recently launched a Savings Calculator, which helps you to identify savings opportunities within your existing program. Simple and quick to use, I trust that this will be a useful exercise for your company.

Alongside savings, the well-being of travelers while they’re on the road is ever-important. We all know that business travel can significantly impact the productivity and satisfaction of our executives. But without a crystal ball, how do we determine what they’re really looking for? We were pleased to explore these topics in a recent webinar, and share details in this edition.

As you look to get a grip on savings, to keep up with innovations and to ensure traveler satisfaction, it pays to have a regular sense-check on your policy, so I recommend checking out our tips on policy must-haves. It’s easy to let policies get out of date or complicated, so it’s worth spending a few moments checking in with what good travel policies should include.

Then while you’re at it, it’s great to be sure that you’re achieving the ever-important metric of traveler satisfaction while maintaining a healthy balance sheet. We’ve shared some insights from a recent webinar we held on this topic, as well as a link to access the recording.

And to further encourage your travelers to make the right decisions, we’ve shared 15 tips on how to help them look for ways to save on their trips (in a way that will see them benefiting too).

Finally, I wanted to mention the progress we are making with the integration of American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) and HRG.

We are pleased to see how our combined efforts have evolved, bringing the best of each company’s approach to create exceptional solutions for our clients. We are focused on providing a B2C experience for travelers whose expectations are evolving, while offering enhanced travel program visibility, proprietary travel solutions and seamless third-party integrations to ease and improve the management of your program. With the combination of the best of GBT and HRG core capabilities, we remain focused on our long-term strategy of investment in technology to build a robust, future-proof travel management environment that continues to evolve and innovate.

I hope you enjoy this edition of the Atlas newsletter and we look forward to continuing our partnership with you and your company as we move through 2019.

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