American partners with The Private Suite and BLADE at LAX and JFK

American Airlines has partnered with BLADE and The Private Suite to provide a new line of luxury experiences for travelers in LAX and JFK.

With helicopter transfers powered by BLADE, travelers can select a designated pick-up location and bypass traffic in a private helicopter ride to the airport.

Travelers can also experience the most special airport experience, which is available at The Private Suite in LAX with Five Star™ Private Departure. Guests have access to a private TSA line, after which they are taken to the terminal, where they can access Flagship® First Dining or be escorted to their gate.

What’s more, returning travelers may use Five Star™ Private Arrival. International travelers are taken to a dedicated customs officer within The Private Suite, while domestic travelers can have their bags delivered directly to their final destination or they can choose to relax in Flagship® First Dining and collect their bags personally.

Five Star™ Service offers travelers personalized airport service, including Flagship® First Check-In, escorting to the gate and more. For travelers wanting additional comfort, Five Star™ Select presents all the same benefits, and also provides access to the Flagship® Lounge and Flagship® First Dining.