The only autism-friendly airline in the UK

British Airways has been recognized for the work it is doing to raise awareness of autism among its staff and for creating a personalized, seamless travel experience for autistic customers, allowing them to fly independently and with ease.

As British Airways celebrates its centenary year, the airline has been working closely with several specialist charities, including the National Autistic Society, and has implemented enhancements to improve the experience for customers requiring additional assistance, including those with autism and other disabilities.

British Airways welcomes nearly half a million customers who require special assistance each year and will be prioritizing further improvements for these customers throughout their centenary year.

This includes a new, specialist team in the customer contact centers, accessible information on and further training for colleagues. British Airways also understands that customers with autism often find new environments stressful and overwhelming and that’s why they’re creating a step-by-step guide of the British Airways’ journey experience.

Find out more about the National Autistic Society’s Autism Friendly Award here.