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Voyager Plus Intelligemment 101

Grâce aux connaissances approfondies dont elle bénéficie désormais, l'Université de Nottingham a fait un bon en avant en réalisant des économies annuelles de 12 %


A top research institution, The University of Nottingham pushes the boundaries of education, with researchers travelling the world and producing studies that inspire their students and have a significant global impact, including investigating the distinct biology of breast cancer in older women and leading an international clinical trial into new stroke treatment. They apply this same approach to how they go about their business as well, always looking for another opportunity to do things better and make the most of every pound spent.

The University determined that its business travel and expense programme – with £10 million1 spend each year – was fragmented and encumbered with time-consuming processes that could be improved through consolidation and process change. Their programme involved multiple channels and payment methods to book travel, which had created a travel manager nightmare: they didn’t have the knowledge of where travellers were at any given point, and they couldn’t easily identify savings opportunities that might exist. And, the manual process for expense was time consuming – it was time for change.


  • Enhance urgent travel support
  • Consolidate all travel spend with one travel management company
  • Increase process efficiency
  • Maximise savings

After a stringent process, American Express Global Business Travel was selected alongside a travel booking tool and expense provider, corporate card and lodge card supplier, to fulfil the University’s vision.


The University of Nottingham evaluated its own processes and implemented five key changes to move the University’s travel and expense programme forward with its new key suppliers:

  • Consolidating all travel expenditure through a new travel and expense process
  • Providing visibility of T&E spend through monthly reports
  • Empowering travellers to book themselves through the online booking tool
  • Changing traveller behaviour through bespoke communications and training
  • Maximising the benefits of the travel programme including savings, duty of care and a consolidated overview of spend – by mandating travel arrangers to book via American Express

“The University of Nottingham has truly transformed their travel and expense programme focusing on key elements, including, traveller security, process optimisation and saving time, rather than just looking at the cost of travel.” commented Kim Maynard, Client Manager American Express Global Business Travel.


By consolidating The University of Nottingham’s travel and expense programme, American Express Global Business Travel ultimately helped them provide a duty of care for all travellers and save precious time and money, even as much as 12 percent of their entire travel budget. “We broke the mould in the higher education sector by challenging the travel booking process for all the right reasons,” said Jeannette Harrison.


  • Improved ability to locate travellers impacted by a crisis
  • Growth of online adoption from 0 to 891 percent over 2.5 years
  • Savings of 12 percent on annual travel spend2
  • Average T&E reimbursement cycle time reduction of 16 percent2

1. American Express Global Business Travel, AXIS@WORK April 2013
2. Aberdeen Group, June 2004