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Une Main Tendue

Une agence partenaire d'American Express Global Business Travel assiste le fils de l'un des employés de notre client en Afrique


Travel plans often go smoothly until you reach the check-in counter at the airport – that’s when you sometimes learn about things like flight delays or unexpected baggage fees. That’s what happened to the 13-year-old son of one of American Express Global Business Travel’S client’s employees, who went to school in a different city than his home, due to his father’s job. The boy was traveling from his boarding school in Johannesburg, South Africa, to his home in Maun, Botswana, for the holidays, and his father’s company had booked the trip on the boy’s behalf through TOURVEST TRAVEL SERVICES, one of our independent partner travel agencies in South Africa. An issue with his reservation meant he couldn’t check in when he arrived at the airport, so the client’s preferred transfer company contacted TOURVEST to let them know the airline wouldn’t board the boy. The plane was closed for departure, so it was too late for the airline to re-book his flight.


Because TOURVEST had booked the boy’s travel, they wanted to do everything they could to make sure he arrived home as quickly as possible. They urgently took action and booked a new flight to Maun for the next day. The driver from the transfer company agreed to wait with the boy at the airport while TOURVEST looked for a hotel room for the day near the airport. However, none of the hotels would accept a reservation due to the boy’s young age. TOURVEST tried to get in touch with the boy’s family to find out what steps to take next, only to find out that the phone numbers on the boy’s reservation were invalid. Luckily, the driver got the contact information directly from the boy, and the boy’s father asked TOURVEST to get his son on a flight that evening to Francistown, Botswana – about halfway to his school in Maun.

The driver had to leave to make it to his other appointments, but TOURVEST didn’t want the boy to be alone at the airport. A TOURVEST team leader immediately traveled 30 kilometers to stay with him until his new departure time. She bought him lunch, formed a friendship with him and waited at the airport until he called to let her know he’d gotten on the flight.

Delivering World-Class Care

American Express Global Business Travel’S travelers can count on us and our partner agencies for exceptional service, especially when an unforeseen event arises. But it’s not just our travelers who matter to us – we care about their families, too, whether that means getting a traveler home after a business trip, or lending our support for a traveler’s family member if we’ve booked their trip.