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Une Entreprise Britannique A La Conquete D'Economies

Une société de fabrication britannique a réalisé 1 million de livres d'économies grâce à un programme de voyages géré de manière adéquate


Travel is typically the largest or second largest expense for companies. Yet for many, like a leading prime contractor and complex systems integrator, it remains an area that is uncontrolled or unmanaged. The company was busy manufacturing armoured fighting vehicle technology and critical security systems for the military, and the thought of managing travel ranked low on their priority list. When the board demanded a precise figure on how much was spent on travel and no one could answer, they knew something needed to change.


The company could see the advantage of joining forces with American Express Global Business Travel to benchmark, analyse and evolve their travel programme. We offer a comprehensive network to service travellers around the world, longstanding supplier relationships that enable us to help clients tap into savings and value-added amenities, plus what the client needed most at the outset of their relationship with us: deep insight, built on our data repository of £113 billion in combined annual spend across our corporate payments and travel services clients. To maximise savings and programme management efficiencies, the client made the decision to consolidate their £2 million in travel through American Express Global Business Travel.

Together, we decided on a plan of attack, beginning with transforming the client’s own labour-intensive manual booking process into a fast-paced digital experience. The client implemented AXO powered by eTravel as their online booking tool and armed the system with a customised policy, so travellers didn’t need to think about compliance – it was already taken care of.

The client’s online booking process is backed up by world-class care from a small team of skilled travel counsellors, whose in-depth knowledge helps with booking complex trips, wherever business takes the company’s travellers.

“The key services that we now receive from American Express Global Business Travel versus our previous travel booking process include knowledge and advice from the extremely helpful travel counsellors, and the phones are answered quickly,” said the client’s travel manager. “This allows us to focus on our business objectives rather than spending time booking travel.”


Thanks to the extensive travel programme data they now receive from American Express Global Business Travel, the board has their precise travel spend figure at their fingertips, along with insight to help them make smart business decisions. But there’s more. Online booking has soared, with over 40 percent adoption. The client racked up £1m in savings – a 50 percent reduction in their total travel spend, and a clear travel programme victory.

Said the client’s travel manager: “By American Express Global Business Travel delivering a consolidated travel programme with increased visibility, supported by a dedicated service tailored to our needs, we have stayed firmly in control of our budget.”