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Suivi Des Voyageurs Et Tranquillite D'Esprit

Un constructeur automobile international utilise la solution globale TRACKPOINT pour localiser les voyageurs d'affaires pendant une crise


With 15,000 executives and engineers travelling globally to source the latest technologies and auto parts, one multinational automotive company was particularly concerned with traveller duty of care, and wanted to make sure they had a way to look after their travelling employees.

Their challenge? To provide the best urgent travel support, the company needed a global security solution, even though their travel spend was not globally consolidated.


The company turned to American Express Global Business Travel because they saw us as a trusted travel partner known for our heritage of service dependability, along with our solutions to locate travellers in a crisis. “The customer was looking for a fully outsourced response team and access to live real-time data via a security tool,” said the American Express Global Business Travel client manager.

We identified TRACKPOINT, a web-based tracking tool, as the best option for the company’s needs, because it provides access to real-time data. Within TRACKPOINT, travellers could be pinpointed by country, flight and even hotel. Combined with event intelligence alerts, this data empowered the client’s travel manager to anticipate threats and the impact to travellers. Knowing where travellers were meant the travel manager could send informed targeted communications to the travellers at any moment.

As an additional benefit, the client could tout TRACKPOINT as a way to encourage compliance to their travel programme. Travellers wanted to feel secure when on the road for business, and when they heard about the benefits of the new security tool, they were clamouring to book with American Express Global Business Travel so their locations and trip itineraries would show up in the new tool.


Through TRACKPOINT, the travel manager is now informed as soon as an event arises, and can proactively pinpoint the whereabouts of travelling executives and engineers at any time, around the world. And that adds up to peace of mind.