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Simplification De La Consolidation Mondiale Des Voyages

Une entreprise mondiale de services financiers a mis en œuvre un programme de voyages dans 51 pays en l'espace d'un an, ce qui lui a permis de réduire de 7 % ses coûts annuels


In January 2011, a global financial services firm started looking for a travel management company that could take their travel program to the next level and optimize the $200M they spent on air travel each year. After a rigorous due diligence process lasting almost 12 months, they awarded their business to American Express Global Business Travel on a global basis. We had to act quickly to deliver on our plan without causing disruption to what was already a stable program.


With operations in 51 countries, consolidating the company’s program demanded our global access and local expertise. We’re on the ground in nearly 140 countries, and could quickly assemble a highly experienced team consisting of global implementation managers and three regional leads.

We started the process with a customer planning phase to design a global plan (which also accounted for local variances). This phase included a full-scale review of the current booking process, and aligning all platforms to the same policy parameters. We then kicked off a five-phase implementation plan with timing for implementing each country determined by size, product and platform types, company priorities and industry activities. Local implementation managers in each country drove each phase forward, supported by full coordination and oversight from the global and regional implementation leads.

We completed the first two phases in the same month, onboarding 26 countries – half of the countries where the company operates – including three regional service centers in North America, Latin America and the Middle East. We completed the remaining three implementation phases – bringing on the remaining 25 countries – by the end of the first year.

A key benefit of centralizing the travel booking process was that the company’s travel data is now consolidated, too. We designed a full global management information reporting map, providing a holistic overview of the travel budget. With the total travel spend on one page, the company’s executive team had extensive data and actionable insights to help them make smart decisions about the travel program.


This project has been a major journey for the customer, and it’s yielded tremendous positive results: a 7 percent reduction in total travel spend in just one year, and global traveler satisfaction 13 percent above target.