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Des Voyageurs Satisfaits Et Des Economies Substantielles

La gestion complète du programme de voyages a changé la donne pour la banque du Mexique, qui a pu réaliser 1,3 million de dollars d'économies


Business travel supports a company’s growth and powers global commerce – but only when travelers are productive and budgets are kept in check.

A Mexico City-based bank spends more than $8 million per year on travel. They recognized the importance of total travel management, and when they became an American Express Global Business Travel client, they asked for help beyond transaction processing to modernize and optimize their program. Most critically, they needed to improve traveler satisfaction, protect their bottom line, and ramp up control and reporting.


The bank had maintained an in-house travel agency for years. They had a staff of 30 employees, but their call center technology was getting old, resulting in unhappy travelers who often waited 20 minutes to speak with an agent. We recommended they disband their onsite service platform and move to online booking, supplemented with offline service from skilled travel counselors delivering world-class care from our Mexico call center. We now answer 80 percent of calls within 20 seconds, and traveler satisfaction has skyrocketed, up more than 20 percentage points* – plus, the client saves money by no longer having to upkeep their own travel technology and servicing team.

Our travel technology provides a connected travel experience – pre-trip, on-trip and post-trip – intended to improve control, compliance and connectivity for businesses and travelers. Prior to working with us, the client identified unused tickets manually. A quick look at TICKET TRAX, our fully automated end-to-end unused e-ticket management tool, showed that their process found only half of their $100,000 in unused tickets – and with a lot more effort. With the tool now in place, they save both money and manpower.

Bringing together the resources of our global corporate payments and travel services divisions – we process $170 billion in travel and expense spending per year – gives us the ability to report on, analyze and evaluate our clients’ travel programs to help them make smarter travel spend decisions. Our data trove has helped the client save money. They’ve strengthened supplier negotiations using benchmarking data that pinpoints where they pay more than their peers. And they learned that travelers booked many trips only a couple of days in advance, prompting travel policy revisions.

The client issues corporate credit cards only to their most frequent travelers. With 60 percent of travel booked via a non-credit form of payment, and 20 percent booked manually with cash, they had little visibility into spend and high operational risk. We worked with our colleagues in AMERICAN EXPRESS GLOBAL CORPORATE PAYMENTS to implement BUSINESS TRAVEL ACCOUNTS and AMERICAN EXPRESS CORPORATE MEETING CARDS, which has reduced non-electronic payments and opened up deep travel program insight for the client through the availability of more MI data, monthly analysis and data-driven biannual business reviews. These new forms of payment came with other benefits, too: credit leverage, improved reconciliation control and no-added-cost traveler insurance.


The client sees American Express Global Business Travel as a trusted partner, thanks to strong results across the board. It’s tough to say what matters more – happy travelers or big savings – but the client doesn’t have to choose. When they became one of our clients in 2009, their traveler satisfaction levels were at 74 percent – today, they exceed 95 percent.* And with US $1.3 million in savings in 2012 alone (more than 14 percent of their volume), they’ve freed up a lot of resources to re-invest in their business.