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Compenser Le Cout De L'Innovation

Un client britannique local bénéficie d'un taux d'adoption en ligne de 91 % et d'une réduction de 22,6 % sur le prix moyen d'un billet (Pharma)


Delivering a profit is why we do business, but how can this be sustained when the cost of innovation is so high? Take the pharmaceutical industry, for example –only one out of every ten thousand discovered compounds actually become an approved drug for sale. A global pharmaceutical company with a UK travel spend of £300,0001 per year, felt this pain. The company needed to capitalise on every pound spent to offset the cost of innovation, so they called upon American Express Global Business Travel to help.


The customer sat down with American Express Global Business Travel to discuss how they could achieve further savings in their travel programme. We started with data. Bringing together the resources of our corporate payments and travel services division, American Express Global Business Travel has £102 billion1 in annual travel and expense spending – so we can report on, analyse and evaluate our clients’ travel programmes to help them make smarter travel spend decisions.
“When we looked at the customer’s current online usage of 67 percent and compared the savings figures to data from similar customers who had a higher percent of travellers using their online tool, we could clearly see that an increase in online usage would drive savings,” said the American Express Global Business Travel client manager overseeing the account.

Based on this insight, the local UK customer and American Express Global Business Travel implemented three initiatives to increase usage of the online booking tool:

Three initiatives to increase usage of online tool:

  • Tailoring data. American Express Global Business Travel created monthly bespoke reports detailing which travellers booked their business trips over the phone. The customer regularly reviewed this data with the client manager to identify which trips could have been booked online, providing the insight to change traveller behaviour.
  • Managing communications. We’ve worked with businesses around the world for decades, so we can share best practices with our clients, including helping the customer approach travellers and travel bookers on an individual basis to encourage them to book online. In addition to sharing the data of which trips could have been booked online, the travel manager sent monthly e-mails sharing the benefits of booking online – both the money and the time the company could save.
  • Refining processes. Skilled travel counsellors reinforce results. Our travel counsellors can do more than provide service dependability and travel support all day, every day, around the world. To apply a 360-degree approach to moving bookings online, the client manager partnered with travel counsellors who serviced the customer from an offline perspective. We implemented a push back process, whereby travellers and bookers were advised at the point of sale that point-to-point bookings must be made online.

In just one year, the customer moved an additional 24 percent of their bookings online, achieving 91 percent online adoption and saving more than £3,900 in transaction fees per year. In addition, their average ticket price has dropped from £481.44 to £372.871, freeing up precious pounds that would offset the cost of innovation.