The airport experience can be a challenging one, from contending with traffic to long lines at security checkpoints and last-minute flight delays. To address some of these concerns, we’ve compiled some tips to make your travelers next take-off a smoother journey.

For starters, your travelers should prepare to do some pre-flight homework. They can stay on top of the latest advisories with our Travel Vitals™ search tool, which compiles travel-related updates from hundreds of vetted sources and enables travelers to review relevant information on every key touchpoint of their journey. While in the planning stages, your travelers might use it to see whether the destination they’re flying to has quarantine measures in place, if face masks are required at the airport and aboard the aircraft, and what safety and cleaning protocols your preferred airline is taking.

Travelers should also plan to take additional measures that avoid extra time in the airport, such as traveling with a carry-on and completing the check-in process before they arrive, as well as being proactive about the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) security screening process. They also should take full advantage of disruption assistance should the need arise.

Learn how your travelers can make their airport experience a stress-free one.