When traveling – whether for business or pleasure – even the best laid health plans can get thrown into disarray. Whether it is diet, exercise or sleep routines, it pays to have some tips on how to maintain optimal wellbeing when on the road.

We spoke to some of our most regularly traveling leaders across American Express Global Business Travel about how they make it work. Tips included:

  • Practicing yoga (making use of one of the variety of fitness apps available), which can be practiced anywhere and can help with fitness, flexibility and relaxation.
  • Using meditation apps to help with falling asleep or focusing energy when different cultures and demands beckon.
  • Maintaining a diet high in protein and vegetables, while also making the most of local produce and cuisines.
  • Taking the stairs and making use of those hotel gyms.
  • Practicing techniques to avoid deep vein thrombosis while flying.
  • Making regular use of disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer – particularly in high-traffic areas like airports.
  • Proactively planning for time zones to avoid the full brunt of jet lag.

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