We are pleased to introduce you to Rest Assured Solutions – a brand new, simple yet comprehensive collection of accommodation solutions developed with companies and business travelers in mind.

With hotel rates constantly changing, so many ways to book, and business travelers wanting more, there’s a lot of pressure placed on companies to get it right. So, we’ve created a simpler way to manage it all, and to take accommodation programs to the next level; designed in a way that should help entice business travelers to book in policy through designated channels, while making program benefits clear and the booking experience consumer-grade.

With this new program, we have also introduced a hotel rate guarantee, so clients will receive the lowest rate at the time of booking than what they can find outside. Wes Bergstrom, Vice President, Hotel Strategy, American Express Global Business Travel said, “This is the first time we’ve offered a hotel rate guarantee because we feel so confident in the rates that we are offering. In addition to negotiated corporate rates, we also have the Preferred Extras™ Hotels program, access to Booking.com and Expedia rates.”

Wherever travelers need to go, we’ve developed the relationships to provide them with accommodation at some of the best rates, and all accessible in one place. Rest Assured Solutions is designed to provide more savings, enhanced program visibility, increased adoption, and a better experience for travelers, with the following features:

  • Hotel Program Management and Optimization: Every organization’s needs are unique, so we offer personalized solutions tailored to companies through consultative services to optimize their accommodation program.
  • Hotel Content and Distribution: An offer with something for everyone, with over two million properties, from branded hotels to smaller boutique properties and corporate apartments.
  • Preferred Extras Hotel Program: We’ve already negotiated the very best rates on our clients’ behalf, so they don’t have to; with discounts up to 25% as well as access to additional hotel amenities and loyalty benefits.
  • Traveler Experience and Adoption: Because having the right accommodation can influence the traveler experience, we’ve considered solutions for different types of corporate travelers to help keep them happy, safe, and booking the right way.
  • Payment: Travelers might not always have access to a corporate card or account, but that shouldn’t prevent them from booking accommodation through their travel program.
  • Savings and Reporting: Companies can gain confidence in their travel program with tools and technology that give the lowest rates and see savings in action through reporting dashboards – with online hotel rates met or beaten 97% of the time.

Find out more about this comprehensive solution to accommodation here.