Delayed or canceled flights – they are a painful fact of life for business travelers, and one that doesn’t seem to be improving. In fact, industry statistics have revealed that the number of flight delays and cancelations are growing every year, with thanks to anything from strikes to extreme weather events.

And what impact does this have on business travelers and your organization as a whole? Being stranded at the airport has a potential myriad of negative consequences for a business traveler, from the stress of not being able to go on their trip and missing an important meeting or event, to potentially being unable to get home in time for an important personal occasion or family celebration. Meanwhile, companies are faced with the costs of having a stranded employee – with losses in productivity and even costs of missed sales and revenue.

But what is the solution? As a starting point, we need to reduce stress for business travelers, which is the guiding principle behind American Express Global Business Travel’s Proactive Traveler Care™, which has been specifically designed to make life easier for travelers when a disruption occurs. Proactive Traveler Care automatically identifies travelers who are facing disruption to their trips and reaches out to them proactively to see if they need assistance, before they even have to think about contacting us themselves.

Once an affected traveler is identified, they will be automatically contacted, with assistance available to book another flight or to make other arrangements. What’s more, we’re constantly monitoring flight statuses, so we know who is impacted and where they are.

This is all part of our commitment to make sure we do everything we can to assist and look after your travelers in these difficult and often very stressful circumstances.

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