Companies today are acutely aware of how critical it is to reduce the carbon footprint of their travel program, so we have developed a range of tips and insights on how to start on a journey toward achieving that goal.

Click here to see the full list of tips, which includes:

  • Calculating your current carbon footprint
  • Supporting suppliers that support the environment
  • Encouraging train travel for shorter distances
  • Incentivizing travelers to fly economy
  • Letting travelers fly direct
  • Offsetting your carbon omissions
  • Promoting sustainable ground transportation options
  • Working on greener meetings
  • Showing travelers that it’s easy to be green

And finally, getting targeted guidance on transforming your program, which is what we’re here for.

For further information on how to jumpstart a sustainable travel program, you may also like to check out our white paper Green Travel: Approach to Integrating Sustainability in Business Travel.