All executives will be acutely aware of the challenges and complexity that surround travel management. From trying to rein in travel costs when rates are rising, to bolstering travel risk management, to keeping employees happy… It’s not a job for the faint of heart.

At American Express Global Business Travel, we understand the challenges of the job, so we have created a series of 101 guides to serve as your assistant. The guides are available now, and are as follows:

  • Travel Management 101. The place to start for new travel managers, touching on topics like the sharing economy, duty of care and communication strategies.
  • Cost Savings 101. Providing eight steps to trim your organization’s travel costs.
  • Travel Safety 101. Showcasing how to develop and implement a strategic safety plan in seven easy steps.
  • Data and Reporting 101. Helping to identify key performance indicators and how to dive into your data.
  • TM Terms 101. A must-have guide to some of the obscure lingo and acronyms regularly used in the business travel industry.

To find out more and to access the guides, please click here.