When considering what the business travel landscape will look like throughout this year and how corporate travel programs will be affected, there is one word that will be on the tips of everyone’s lips: data.

Whether it’s about protecting travelers’ sensitive details, capturing trip itineraries for duty of care purposes or using AI-driven analytics for program optimization, there are several ways data will play a critical role in corporate travel programs throughout 2019.

We recently released a piece which outlines the main data focuses for the year, including:

  • Data privacy – including how new legislation can impact travel programs.
  • Data protection – how you can invest correctly to protect sensitive information.
  • Data capture – how you can have the right information at your fingertips to maximize your program.
  • Data analytics – so you can make informed program and policy decisions.

To read more about these various data elements and how American Express Global Business Travel can assist you in navigating what can be a very complex and ever-changing environment, please click here for the full article.