We know that capturing full trip details is tricky when business travelers book their hotel separately from their air travel and outside of the company-approved booking channels. Well, we have a solution that can help!

Trip Recommender™, which uses robust data analytics technology, identifies traveling employees who have not booked a hotel room along with their air reservation and delivers via email and the Amex GBT Mobile app up to three personalized hotel recommendations based on an employee’s travel preferences, colleagues‘ travel patterns, and company preferences. With advanced rate logic and one-click booking capability, Trip Recommender makes it super-simple for employees to book company-approved options at the lowest price.

But don’t just take our word for it. We have two satisfied clients who’ve shared their stories about how the tool has helped to reduce their hotel spend, aid their negotiations with suppliers, and boost duty of care governance.

Find out how this complimentary, simple-to-implement service helped travelers of an Italian/Argentine mining, construction, and engineering company spend, on average, $26 less per booking. This alone translated into an 18% cost reduction for the hotel program.

Then take a look at why this computer hardware and data storage company became an instant fan of Trip Recommender. (One reason is that the company saw a dramatic spike in its hotel attachment rate, which rose 14 percentage points.)

To get started with Trip Recommender, please send us an email.