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Research & Insights

Ride-Hailing Services and Your Corporate Travel Policy

Corporate travel programs generally aren’t known for quickly embracing new suppliers and technology, but that hasn’t been the case with ride-hailing apps. According to a recent report by Certify, which…

Travel Tips & Trends

Airbnb for Business Travel: What to Consider For Your Travel Program

Whether it’s for business, leisure or a mixture of both, travelers generally select their accommodations based on two things: price and experience. More and more, they’re seeing Airbnb as a…

Travel News

A Spotlight on Duty of Care and Duty of Loyalty

In theory, giving your corporate travelers the green light to tack on leisure travel to their business trip — aka “bleisure” — is a win-win situation. Not only can it…

Research & Insights

Air Travel Forecast 2018

What is the outlook for air travel in 2018? According to our newly released Global Business Travel Forecast, demand is rapidly expanding on a global level. Yet, while fares are…

Research & Insights

Travel Program Considerations for a Millennial Workforce

By Debra Flanagan, Siobhan Iwen and PerErik Engstedt In today’s environment where there is such fierce competition for talent, travel programs increasingly are being used to lure job candidates. More…

Meetings & Events

Finding the Right Event Space

In 2018, meeting planners are putting a dedicated focus on attendee experience (over scale). So, finding the right event space is more important now than ever before. Learn more about…

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