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At A Glance

Industry: Luxury Goods

Travelers: <134,000


  • Managing travel needs of employees in 70 offices throughout 30 countries
  • Consolidating the local relationships
  • Upholding the duty of care policy


  • Create a duty of care policy for communicating with and tracking travelers
  • Use specialized travel coordinators to process complicated bookings and to stay in daily contact with travelers


  • Improved tracking capabilities helped client attain the cheapest air and hotel rates
  • Reliable capability to communicate with travelers during a crisis
  • Negotiations with hotel partners enhanced traveler experience and helped client develop hotel program standard


A 15-year Business Travel Partnership with LVMH


LVMH, a global luxury goods provider, has maintained a relationship with American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) for nearly 15 years. Planning for and keeping track of its employees, based in up to 70 offices throughout some 30 countries, can be a daunting task—especially when one of your priorities is to pursue a superior and repeatable level of service. What’s more, LVMH needs GBT to stay in regular contact with its global travelers in the event of a major crisis.


To deliver on LVMH’s expectations, GBT posts travel coordinators in each of the client offices. These coordinators supplement the offerings of the travel agents by taking on the more complicated bookings and situations. They also keep in daily contact with travelers, answering their questions and guiding them through any difficult scenarios. This service tag-team also supports partner negotiations and ensures travelers receive the best rates and overall experience.

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