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Danske Bank Travel Case Study: Adding It All Up
Consolidating to Transform Expectations.


ALL, Financial Services

Travel Spend

$20M USD



The Situation

  • Minimal program oversight
  • Multiple travel policies
  • Low travel policy adherence

The Approach

  • Consolidate program under one policy
  • Implemented online booking tool
  • Drove compliance by integrating EXPERT AUDITOR

The Outcome

  • Better oversight and control on how 7,000 travelers are booking along with the ability to optimize data.

The Results

  • Reduced average spend on airfare by 6%¹ and hotel room rates by 8%¹
  • 76%¹ online adoption increased from an initial goal of 60%¹
  • Implemented all 11 markets to create better program control and alignment

¹Source: American Express Global Business Travel reporting

Danske Bank now has better oversight and control on how each of their 7,000 travelers are booking along with the ability to optimize data

Christian, American Express GBT Client Manager

One of the leading financial enterprises in northern Europe, Danske Bank, did business in multiple countries but didn’t have any consolidation in regards to their travel program. When employees needed to book travel, they used their local travel program—leaving minimal oversight for Danske Bank as a whole. Additionally, traveler decisions, such as how and when to book, had a huge impact on the total cost of a trip—and Danke Bank’s travel spend.

As their Travel Management Company (TMC), we consulted with them on their current booking practices. By showing them that half of their travelers were booking outside of the policy, their increasing annual spend, and all of the data they did not have access to, it was evident they were ready for a change.

The biggest goal of their improved travel program revolved around consolidation. We focused on bringing together all of Danske’s 11 markets under one umbrella. Having this kind of consolidation meant that captured data would improve, their reflected volume would give them greater vendor negotiation leverage, and insight into risk management—something that was a new focus. Insight into duty of care was built into the consolidated program, giving travelers and travel managers peace of mind.

Since Danske had many complex travel requirements, we crafted a travel program that fit their needs, regardless of their location. We implemented our online booking tool, giving travelers the ability to book their travel at any time of the day.

Driving compliance

Danske Bank already had a solid compliance management strategy in place, but there were only two people managing the program (and one of those only on a part-time basis), and they needed more support. So we worked together to implement our automated pre-trip auditing solution, EXPERT AUDITOR, that drove compliance across all booking channels and helped streamline their booking process.

“Danske Bank now has better oversight and control on how each of their 7,000 travelers are booking along with the ability to optimize data,” said Christian, American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) Client Manager.

For Danske Bank, EXPERT AUDITOR notifies the appropriate parties when trips are booked outside of certain travel and hotel parameters. Detailed reporting from EXPERT AUDITOR also gives Danske Bank trip and spend visibility at various levels, providing better overall travel program control.

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