In 2021, we launched our #TravelReady site to help get employees back on the road with ease and confidence, providing tips on how to navigate changing travel rules and restrictions and highlighting solutions we had built to support our clients on their return-to-travel journey.

Travel has evolved a lot since then. Most entry and exit requirements have been relaxed. Masks on planes have become optional. Quarantines, negative COVID-19 tests, and proof of vaccination are, by and large, no longer required. Despite the easing protocols, travel has become more complicated in ways.

Soaring demand is creating gridlock at airports and popular tourist destinations. Staffing shortages and air traffic control issues are spurring flight disruptions. Inflation, war, and supply chain issues are contributing to rising prices.

In spite of these challenges, it’s an exciting time for business travel. Organizations are leaning into their internal travel and meetings programs unlike ever before to unify remote workforces, instill corporate culture, and strengthen employees’ ties to the company. We’ve seen business trips and meetings become more purposeful with a focus on creating that human connection that naturally materializes when people meet face to face.

To help our clients navigate this new era of work, travel, and meetings, we have relaunched our #TravelReady site, packing it with relevant tips for today’s world. It’s a dedicated space where you can find information and resources to help make your or your colleagues’ travel experiences smoother and more meaningful.

There’s a bit of something for everyone. For example, travelers can learn about suggested steps to mitigate issues arising from travel disruptions – from the prep work to do before takeoff to all the ways our teams can help get your trip back on track. For travel managers, we offer guidance on how to position your travel program to flourish in today’s world and how to optimize it using our technologies and services.

We also have travel arrangers covered, providing them with insights and solutions to make their job of organizing trips easier. Other stakeholders, such as HR and senior leaders, may be interested in our content touching upon modern corporate values, such as sustainability and inclusivity.

And anyone who has ever doubted the value of business travel during the pandemic should watch the feature video on the #TravelReady site of Senior Vice President Jason Geall’s speech at the Business Travel Awards Europe. His enthusiasm is infectious and his message is spot on.

While what is happening in travel can change from one day to the next, one thing that will not waver is our commitment to delivering an unrivaled travel experience to our valued clients. The #TravelReady site is just one way to show how we are dedicated to serving you. So go ahead and take a peek!