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American Express Global Business Travel Helps an Executive Recover a Wallet Left on a Flight


Key things such as your passport and wallet are critical to remember while traveling in order to get to your destination. An executive from a multinational computer software company was unfortunately reminded of that when traveling from Seattle to San Francisco for business. On the way to his hotel after his flight landed, he realized that he had left his wallet in the seat pocket of the plane. He immediately called his administrative assistant, who then called American Express Global Business Travel for help. The plane would soon return to Seattle, so the chances of getting the executive’s wallet back before takeoff seemed slim.


American Express Global Business Travel’S travel counselors have deep, firsthand knowledge and appreciation for what it takes to make the travel experience easy and enjoyable, wherever your business takes you – all day, every day, around the world. And one of the things that helps make a trip easy is a wallet. Knowing this, the travel counselor immediately called the airline to figure out a plan to recover the executive’s wallet.

The agency desk transferred the travel counselor to the ticket counter at San Francisco International Airport. They said the plane had most likely already turned around, but they let the travel counselor speak to the agent at the gate, who then transferred her to a ground operations employee. The travel counselor explained the stressful and urgent situation to the ground operations employee, who then radioed the pilot and explained the story to him.

With only a short time before departure, the pilot asked a flight attendant to check the seat where the executive had left his wallet, and she found it. But one problem remained: the plane had pulled back from the gate, so the pilot wasn’t allowed to open the door. As a last resort, the pilot opened the cockpit window and dropped the wallet onto the tarmac. The ground operations employee got it and brought it to the customer service desk at the airport, where the executive picked it up later that day.

Our clients and travelers know that they can count on us for exceptional service. We inspire confidence in businesses and travelers alike, because we’re always ready to provide the answers and support they need.

The executive was ecstatic that the travel counselor went above and beyond to retrieve his wallet. “This is the kind of service we provide every day,” said the travel counselor. “Taking the extra steps makes us valuable to our customers.”