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Fact or Fiction? A Fun Quiz to Test Your Hotel Knowledge

Will business travelers earn loyalty points when booking through the company’s booking channels? Should they spend time trying to find the lowest hotel rate online, or is what’s available in…

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Learn How You Can Save on Hotels by Naturally Nudging In-policy Bookings

We know that capturing full trip details is tricky when business travelers book their hotel separately from their air travel and outside of the company-approved booking channels. Well, we have…

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Survey: Understand Your Travelers’ Hotel Booking Behaviors

Want to know more about your traveling employees’ hotel booking patterns and preferences? Well, you are not alone. American Express Global Business Travel recently teamed up with the market research…

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Survey: How to Effectively Communicate Your Hotel Program to Travelers

You do not need a study to tell you that effective communication is key to boosting hotel attachment — you need one demonstrating what communication strategies actually work with travelers….

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Hotel Lingo 101: A Guide Defining Jargon Used in the Hospitality Industry

Whether you are new to travel management, are seeking solutions to optimize your hotel program or simply can’t remember what “LRA” and “NS” stand for, American Express Global Business Travel…

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What Hotel Consolidation Means for Travelers’ Loyalty Points

Within the past three years, four of the five world’s largest hotels have been involved in a merger or acquisition. To refresh your memory: InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) acquired the…

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A Guide to the Boutique-Style Hotels from the Big Brands

If the traditional, large hotel chains are a bit too cookie-cutter for you and you (or your company) are not digging the Airbnb experience, don’t worry. There are plenty of…

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When it comes to your hotel program, knowledge is power — and can lead to extra savings

By Cindy Armitage and Jackie Visnic A hotel program has two distinct functions: There’s sourcing — identifying, evaluating and negotiating with suppliers — and then there’s ongoing program management (OPM)…

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Hotel bookings & Risk Management in Focus: Why Capturing Your Total Travel Spend Is Important

By Jackie Visnic and Constanze Briefi As an organization, you have a duty of care obligation to protect your traveling employees. You have invested time and resources to select your…

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8 Hidden Hotel Fees and How Business Travelers Can Avoid Them

Of course, anyone who regularly travels for business or works in the travel department of a company knows how much the airline carriers look for clever ways to jack up…