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The Power of Data

A Swedish Industrial company maximizes their return on travel with insight from post-travel reporting


A Swedish industrial company with an annual travel spend of 143 million SEK needed to enhance their travel reporting. The company has operations in more than 180 countries, which are organized into business areas made up of several divisions. Each division has different needs and requirements, so the ability to provide accurate reporting at the cost center or division level is critical.
The company’s senior management team wanted a more dynamic reporting solution with visibility and across business functions, divisions, companies and individual traveler level – and they needed to be able to easily adapt it to organizational changes, such as a traveler re-locating to another division or country.


To improve the company’s reporting capabilities, American Express Global Business Travel recommended implementing Global Statement Information (GSI), a method of systematically importing data from the client’s human resources (HR) system directly into the AMERICAN EXPRESS GLOBAL BUSINESS TRAVEL reporting database.

The GSI process matches a unique identifier, such as an employee identification number, from the post-travel data invoices with the same unique identifier in the client’s HR file – enabling to pull the traveler’s cost center, department, division, etc. The GSI process is fully automated which means that travelers and travel counselors don’t need to input this at time of booking. An additional benefit is that the client doesn’t have to rely upon employees to update their division or cost center in their profiles.


The GSI solution has enabled the client to run flexible travel reports on all levels across markets so that they can look at travel data from multiple angles. This has helped them to analyze spend, monitor booking effectiveness, manage supplier programs and travel policies and Travel Management key performance indicators and emission reporting. It has provided the visibility and cost control the senior management team required, as well as providing more targeted reports to other key stakeholders in the company.