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Pinpointing safety

Helping travelers navigate disruption with EXPERT CARE


Driving growth internationally has become a norm among many organizations, including one American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) customer, whose business was booming—along with its travel needs. With nearly half of the business’s employees traveling across the world, managing the sheer number of its people on the move was an all-consuming task. When there were travel impacts, ranging from small delays to large natural disasters, the company had their American Express Global Business Travel Client Manager run a report identifying the location of their travelers. Based on the data that needed to be pulled, the quickest response time took approximately 30 minutes to track where their travelers were. But when every second counts, 30 minutes is too long.

“When a travel risk arose one Friday evening, I worked with the customer’s travel coordinator to identify the whereabouts of their travelers,” said their American Express GBT Client Manager. “That experience underscored how precious time can be during a crisis. And I knew that our precision travel disruption management solution, EXPERT CARE, could significantly bolster the customer’s commitment to traveler safety.”

With urgent and unpredictable weather and travel risks now viewed as a concern, the company determined it was time to alleviate complication and integrate a solution that would give them the ability to track, locate, and communicate with its travelers in seconds. That ease-of-mind solution was our very own EXPERT CARE.


EXPERT CARE, our proprietary solution, focuses on helping companies manage communications and resolve travel plans that could be impacted by a travel disruption. We integrated EXPERT CARE with our proprietary data infrastructure to display dynamically mapped itinerary information, enabling the company to pinpoint their travelers and communicate with them immediately, even if a traveler’s flight is currently in the air. Future travel plans can be displayed to enable proactive identification of travelers heading into crisis event areas—or even potential trouble spots—minimizing risk for travel disruption.

With the help of an EXPERT CARE implementation manager, we integrated the new solution in six weeks. To make sure their travel managers were comfortable with the new solution, we executed two training sessions along with weekly calls where all questions or concerns were resolved.

“The company was thrilled to see the level of impact EXPERT CARE has on their travel program,” said their American Express GBT Client Manager. “In addition to obtaining many more tracking capabilities and insights,
they can also now instantly alert their travelers with the built-in communication tool.”

Most importantly with EXPERT CARE, the company can now rapidly find and communicate with their travelers to resolve travel plans that could be impacted by a travel disruption.


Adding EXPERT CARE was as beneficial to their employees as much as it was for the company.

  • Significantly improved reaction time with EXPERT CARE’s real-time information to locate travelers in seconds¹
  • Immediate communication with travelers to identify travel needs or risks
  • Ability to manage travelers whereabouts with one easily accessible program in lieu of numerous programs

¹Source: American Express Global Business Travel