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Global Travel Strategy Case Study: Driving Alignment for an Automotive Company

Integrating a Global Strategy for Global Savings

In 2014, the automotive industry in Mexico was on the rise. And a customer of ours, an automotive company with a division in Mexico, was experiencing an increase in both their international and domestic travel to keep up with the growth.

This increase made the division take a closer look at their travel program and identify where they could spend smartly without losing their optimal travel service—while also aligning with their company’s global strategy.

The division began to work with us, American Express Global Business Travel (GBT), to identify where they could capitalize on savings opportunities. At the time, they were not utilizing online booking often—online adoption had only increased slightly from 7% to 19%¹ over three years. Seeing that online booking could ease the booking process while saving them money, we focused all our efforts on increasing online adoption.

Together we developed a timely, strategic plan to achieve a higher online adoption rate; increase cost savings; and align with the company’s global strategy. We designed an employee buy-in approach with robust training and incorporating strong senior leadership support.

We collaborated to create program training by conducting onsite and virtual educational travel seminars for all employees. Besides comprehensive training, one of the most important drivers in the online adoption was the engagement of the division’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

“By having the division’s CFO send strategic communications to travelers and traveler bookers, reinforcing the online strategy created substantial employee buy-in,” said Manuel, American Express GBT Client Manager.

The new alignment was a success.

  • Increased online booking tool usage 47%¹ in one year
  • Reduced online booking costs resulting 45%¹ savings in transaction fees
  • Ongoing travel policy alignment with global strategy

¹Source: American Express Global Business Travel reporting