It’s no secret that business travel can become a drain on employees, when long layovers, overnight flights or airport delays come into play. However, as we all know, travel can also be one of life’s greatest joys. Therefore, travel can be used as a tool to incentivize and reward top performing employees.

Using incentive trips can motivate employees to hit targets, but can also boost your company’s brand, as well as recruitment and retention efforts. Whether it’s a long weekend at a remote beach destination or a trip to the other side of the world with high-end experiences – it’s those once-in-a-lifetime, bucket list trips that will really galvanize employees to work hard and fight for that vacation.

But how can you identify the right destinations that will be most appealing to employees? How do you make such an extravagant trip fit within your budget? And what else should you consider when organizing a trip to remember?

To help managers, directors and meeting and event planners organize extraordinary trips that employees will come back raving about – and, incentivizing those at home to continue striving – our Meetings & Events team joined forces with the Auckland Convention Bureau to produce a white paper called “How to Take Incentives from Another Day at the Beach to a Bucket List–Worthy Experience – And Why It Matters.” It’s a must read for anyone looking to incentivize employees.

To access this white paper, please click here.