Flagship Business. Premium, elevated.

From the all-new lounges to elevated comfort and amenities, see how Flagship Business is about business travelers.

Take it all in before takeoff.

Before their flight, travelers can dine, work or unwind in the new Flagship Lounges, offering chef-inspired meals, a specialty cocktail bar and a premium wine table; with ample seating and luxurious shower suites, travelers leave refreshed.

Fly flat. Arrive sharp.

In Flagship Business, comfort is key. Every seat features fully lie-flat capabilities with direct aisle access, giving travelers ample room to rest, lounge or be productive.

Fine dining at 30,000 feet.

With the help of exceptional chef partners, American Airlines has created a three-course inflight menu with dishes customized to each destination and season of travel; and the award-winning wines are an ideal complement.

Taking comfort to new heights.

American Airlines has partnered with sleep technology company Casper to design a new line of onboard products: new pillows and blankets ensure travelers get their best rest. Plus, they will arrive feeling rejuvenated with premium amenity kits by Cole Haan, featuring C.O. Bigelow products.

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