With the rise of virtual technology, some have questioned the necessity of business travel, but several recently published reports indicate the value of the investment. From increased profits and job satisfaction to economic growth and cementing relationships and deals, there’s considerable evidence to suggest its worthiness across a range of areas.

In fact, in a newly launched study called Back to Blue Skies that was conducted by American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) in partnership with American Express,  demonstrates that business travel can translate into increased revenue. When surveying US business travel decision-makers, more than four in five respondents said that business travel leads to higher profit (85%) and revenue (85%). In the same report, respondents also indicated that business travel increases their engagement (88%), productivity (84%), problem-solving skills (86%), and makes them more empathetic individuals (82%). And 88% said it fuels their creativity and innovation.1

Let’s face it, building relationships and closing sales deals through video calls can be challenging for multiple reasons. This is supported by a report by Globetrender, where 60% of business travelers surveyed indicated that most agreements and decisions cannot be made virtually.2

Business travel is vital to your company. Learn more about our Back to Blue Skies report, as well as other insightful intelligence on the value of business travel.


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2 Globetrender, “The Future of Business Travel,” 2020.