We live in a world where we increasingly prefer to communicate via chat than speak to a live person. As a result, businesses are changing how they interact with consumers, with customer service shifting from phone and email to chat. According to Felicia Schneiderhan, head of American Express Global Business Travel’s messaging adoption strategy, “Messaging is becoming the dominant communication channel in people’s private and professional lives.” So naturally, it’s no different with business travelers. For years, we’ve witnessed how chat has become a preferred channel for traveling employees when seeking assistance from travel management companies (TMCs) or other suppliers. Since it’s such a vital way to communicate, it is quickly becoming an industry standard.

For this reason, GBT has given greater priority to make chat more accessible and a seamless part of the customer service experience.  So, we are excited to share that we have significantly expanded our chat capabilities by being one of the first TMCs to offer WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app globally, as a service to our travelers.

By adding this popular channel to our messaging capabilities, we are giving travelers and travel managers more choice in the way they communicate with travel counselors. This will help speed up on-the-go service and provide better duty of care by letting travelers choose the most convenient way to reach out from their phone when assistance is needed.

Learn more about GBT’s traveler care chat capabilities through WhatsApp.