Has it been a while since your last hotel stay? Are your travelers getting ready to book an overnight trip with a stay at a hotel? Due to evolved hotel protocols, we help you level set expectations for your travelers’ next overnight stay.

For starters, in 2020, hotels relaxed their cancellation policies, with many offering full refunds for last-minute cancellations, even on nonrefundable reservations. However, with bookings now picking up, this high-level of flexibility may be short-lived as hotels inch their way back to pre-pandemic policies.

Once at their hotel, your travelers may instantly notice some changes. Valet parking may be suspended. The staff may be donning masks and your travelers may be required to wear one in public areas. They may also be encouraged to use a self-service kiosk and conduct contactless check-in using the hotel’s app. If the property has keyless entry, the app may give access to the guestroom as well.

In terms of sanitizing and housekeeping, travelers are likely to see more frequent cleaning of public areas and use of enhanced technologies, such as electrostatic sprayers, that are intended to sanitize surfaces throughout the hotel. Prior to their arrival, travelers can expect that the hotel’s housekeeping team will have conducted a thorough cleaning of their room, including disinfecting high-touch areas. Despite the extra cleaning efforts in public spaces, many hotels have limited or suspended housekeeping services for guestrooms to reduce contact between staff and guests. If your travelers require housekeeping services or extra linens and toiletries, they will likely have to make a special request.

Your travelers are likely to notice other changes as well. We break it down for you and provide examples of what specific hotels are doing to welcome your travelers back and improve their overall experience.

Since your company’s hotel program has evolved over the last year, now may be the time to re-evaluate your hotel sourcing options.

For additional trends facing the hotel industry and things to watch for, check out the recently released whitepaper entitled Navigating the New Hotel Landscape.